Privacy Policy

The Shizuoka University Faculty of Agriculture would like to inform the public and our students about our Personal Information Protection Basic Policy. We have implemented this policy in order to fulfill our responsibility as an institution which handles personal information, to be sure that we handle personal information properly, and to clarify our position at home and abroad regarding protecting personal information.

This university’s basic position regarding the protection of personal information

At this university, we believe that it is important to respect our students’ wishes in every aspect of the collection, management, use, disclosure and provision of their personal information, in view of the fact that safeguarding personal information is essential to maintaining individual dignity and rights, and so it must be handled carefully. Therefore, we handle students’ personal information as stated below.

  1. We observe relevant laws and regulations, like the Personal Information Protection Law.
  2. We only collect and use personal information to the extent necessary to conduct educational activities.
  3. If students ask us to disclose or correct their personal information, we respond to the request promptly, as soon as we receive a confirmation from them.
  4. We manage student personal information with the greatest care.

For details, please refer to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

About personal information that is provided

We do not use the personal information students provide to us, except for the following purposes.

  1. To send out university guides and examination literature
  2. Sending guides concerning a variety of seminars and events, and for entrance examinations
  3. To prepare statistical data

Safety precautions regarding personal information

We take necessary steps, such as data protection measures, to prevent leaks, loss, damage and falsification of personal information, and unauthorized access.

Guidance and management of contractors

When we outsource duties that include the handling of personal information, we instruct contractors clearly about the measures they must take to prevent inappropriate handling of personal information, and provide proper guidance and management.

Inquiries about the handling of personal information

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