Graduate School

The Graduate School of Agriculture at Shizuoka University, was established in 1970. In 2015, the Graduate Schools of Agriculture, Informatics, Science, and Engineering were merged, and the Graduate School of Agriculture started anew as the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture. In 2022, the Interfaculty Graduate School of Mountain Watershed started as a basic organization for the delivery of inter-graduate school programs. Since 2015, we have set up a special English course for international students including the Asia Bridge Program, and we are recruiting diverse range of students. The Department of Agriculture provides a place where each student can participate actively, and continues move forward together.

MSc degree program

The Department of Agriculture offers two courses: the Bioresource Sciences Course and the Applied Life Sciences Course. The Bioresource Science Course provides education for acquiring more advanced specialized knowledge and skills than undergraduate education at Shizuoka where distinctive agricultural and forestry products are produced.The Applied Life Sciences Course educates students on advanced theories and techniques of bioscience and biotechnology for the development of domestic and international industries. Please see also the website for information on the Interfaculty Graduate School of Mountain Watershed.

After graduating from the Department of Agriculture/the Interfaculty Graduate School of Mountain Watershed, there is also a possibility to go on to a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Shizuoka University or the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science at Gifu University.

PhD degree program