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Message from Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

We invite you to the Shizuoka University Faculty of Agriculture,
where the 21st century is the age of agriculture!

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Akio Morita

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Masaru Toriyama


Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Masaru Toriyama


At the Shizuoka University Faculty of Agriculture, we provide education that nurtures the decision-making capabilities of our students—making them adaptable to a global society—by approaching matters comprehensively and from multiple angles. Our foundation is in Field Sciences—connecting directly with human society—and we teach our students to bring breadth to the traditional field of biological production, mainly by combining biological science with environmental science. Looking at the results we have thus far achieved in education and research, we have pushed innovation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate level, we have organized the traditional three sciences into our Department of Bioresource Sciences and Department of Applied Life Sciences, while our master's degree program for graduate students has been restructured as the Department of Agriculture under the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, which is a joint graduate school that merges Information Science, Science, Engineering, and Agriculture. Meanwhile, our doctorate program operates at two graduate schools: the Shizuoka University Graduate School of Science and Technology and the Gifu University United Graduate School of Agricultural Science. Furthermore, since the 2015 launch of the Asia Bridge Program (ABP)—which is meant to attract international students (graduate and undergraduate), with a focus on Asia—we have steadily increased our international student numbers, and over ten international students are presently studying in our master's degree programs.

Our new approach to agricultural science is to engage in scholarship that aims to integrate man and nature, based on a scientific interpretation of biological phenomena. Agricultural science, which is the knot that ties human beings to all life, is tackling two themes head-on in the 21st century: food supplies and the environment. Therefore, we call the 21st century the "age of agriculture." The Shizuoka University Faculty of Agriculture seeks young students who have an interest in issues that serve as the underlying foundation for the existence and progress of mankind—including environmental issues, food production, and biotechnology—and who are ambitious enough to solve such problems. Shizuoka is a nature-rich prefecture—also called "Fuji no Kuni" (Land of Wisteria)—located just one hour away from Tokyo and Nagoya. It combines modern sensibilities with an ancient history. We ask you to take on the challenges of agricultural science with us here.