Faculty and research guide

Laboratory of Forest Microbiology and Biochemistry

Shingo Kawai,Yuko Yoneda

This laboratory of the Department of Bioresource Sciences is interested in the biochemistry and the organic chemistry of organisms in the forest. The research focuses on the following topics:
[1] Symbiotic mechanism between Actinorhizal trees and actinomycetes Frankia (Does the cyclic diarylheptanoides excreted from the Actinorhizal trees play a signal role to start the symbiotic relationship with the Frankia?)
[2] Biodegradation and biosynthesis of lignin (How is the natural polyphenol lignin formed and decomposed by the enzymes?)
[3] Bioremediation using white-rot fungi
[4] Investigation of the biologically active substances from woods and elucidation of their biosynthesis
[5] Syntheses of oligosaccharides

Keywords: Actinorhizal plant, biologically active substance, bioremediation, cellulose, chemical communication, chitin & chitosan, Flankia, lignin, white-rot fungi

“Turkey tail”, Trametes versicolor, is one of the white-rot fungi.

An Actinorhzal tree, Alnus sieboldiana, raised from a seed.

Root nodules produced by symbiosis with the Frankia.