Guide to the departments and adjunct facilities

Center for Education and Research in Field Sciences

It can be said that modern humans are facing two of our largest issues: food supplies and the environment.
The Center comprises three divisions: the Sustainable Agro-Ecosystem Division, the Forest Ecosystem Division, and the Hydrosphere Ecosystem Division. These divisions conduct comprehensive, locally based agricultural education and research, with the aim of creating harmony with nature through topics that include harmony between human beings and the environment, the sustainable use of forests and water, and sustainable agricultural business structures. In addition, the Sustainable Agro-Ecosystem Division and the Forest Ecosystem Division are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as Educational Joint Use Centers, and they provide a place to education university students not only from Shizuoka University but also from a broad spectrum of other universities.


The Center places Field Sciences at the foundation of comprehensive agricultural science and actively works toward their promotion.

Introductory education (first year): Field Sciences Seminar I and Field Sciences Seminar II Advanced education (second through fourth years): Field education and research support in courses such as Farm Practical Training or Environmental Field Work I & II


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