Guide to the departments and adjunct facilities

Center for Education and Research in Field Sciences

Sustainable Agro-Ecosystem Division

The Sustainable Agro-Ecosystem Division is tasked with fieldwork that includes agricultural areas ranging from hilly and mountainous areas to flatlands, and coastal sand dunes, including the surrounding environments. It conducts education and research with an eye on both producing safe and delicious agricultural products and conserving the environment through its activities, including fundamental research related to sustainable agriculture, research on high-quality horticulture that uses reduced agricultural chemicals, and improving cultivation technologies.  In addition, in its role as an Educational Joint Use Center, it provides students from other universities who are not studying agriculture with fundamental training in crop cultivation, practical training in cutting-edge agricultural technology at the Center's greenhouse horticulture, and field education.

Name   Research area Affiliated laboratory
Hidehiro Inagaki Professor Agroecology ,Weed science Laboratory of Plant Production Science (Weed Science)
Masaki Yahata Associate professor Pomology Laboratory of Plant Production Science
Akiyoshi Tominaga Assistant professor Horticulture Physiology Laboratory of Plant Production Science
Tatsuo Asai Specially appointed associate professor Crop Cultivation
Masayuki Yamashita Professor (concurrent) Grassland Science, Ecology, and Ecological Genetics Laboratory of Ecology
Katsumi Suzuki Professor (concurrent) Vegetable Crop Science Laboratory of Vegetable Crop Science
Akio Morita Professor (concurrent) Plant Nutrition Science Laboratory of Functional Plant Physiology (A. Morita , Ikka)
Toshiyuki Nagumo Associate professor (concurrent) Soil Science, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Studies, and Environmental Science Laboratory of Sustainable Agriculture