Guide to the departments and adjunct facilities

Center for Education and Research in Field Sciences

Forest Ecosystem Division

The Forest Ecosystem Division comprises two regional branches located west and central of Shizuoka prefecture. At the Tenryu Branch (in Kamiatago), we conduct education and research related to the management of timber plantations in suburban regions, while our education and research at the Southern Alps Branch (in Nakakawane) including species rich natural forests is related to conserving and restoring forest ecosystems in mountainous areas. In addition, as a part of an academic partnership with the Shizuoka Forest Management Office of the Forestry Agency—an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries—we have the Fuji Branch, which allows us to use all of the Mount Fuji National Forest for education, research, technology development, and other purposes.
These fields cover the representative forest vegetation in Japan from warm temperate zone to Alpine timber line, and are abound with excellent, natural educational materials. Educational Joint Use Centers' work is to take advantage of the features of each of these fields, and provide various educational experiences to a wide range of university students from Japan and abroad including “Field lecture in temperate forests around Mt. Fuji” a ten- days international field seminar, by meeting multiple needs from introductory education to advanced practical training concerning forestry science.

Name   Research area Affiliated laboratory
Hiromi Mizunaga Professor Silvicultural Studies Laboratory of forest eco-physiology
Yosuke Kurihara Specially appointed assistant professor Animal population ecology Laboratory of forest eco-physiology
Atsuhiro Iio Associate professor (concurrent) Forest eco-physiology Laboratory of Silviculture
Masaaki Naramoto Associate professor (concurrent) Forest Ecology and Physiology, and Dry Land Planting Laboratory of Silviculture
Fumitoshi Imaizumi Professor (concurrent) Erosion Control Engineering Laboratory of Erosion Control Engineering and Forest Hydrology