Faculty and research guide

Laboratory of Applied Microbiology (Kodani)

Shinya Kodani

Human being has used antibiotics such as streptomycin to treat bacterial infection diseases. Most of the antibiotics are produced by soil bacteria called actinomycetes. Actinomycetes produce structurally diverse compounds, and most of them are too complex to synthesize using methods of organic chemistry. We focus on the researches of finding new antibiotics and clarifying the regulatory mechanism of antibiotic production to make the world better place. The details of our research are below.

1. Finding new antibiotics by improvement of bacteria. Actinomycetes are major source for hunting new antibiotic. Recently new antibiotics are difficult to find because worldwide research have thoroughly been performed for 50years. However we aim to search for new antibiotics by new improvement technique using modification of certain genes.

2. Genome-mining is one powerful method to find new antibiotics. Recently genomes of bacteria have been sequenced and deposited to public database. By utilizing genomic data, we expect the existence of new possible antibiotic and isolate new antibiotic based on genome mining method.

Original home page: http://www.ipc.shizuoka.ac.jp/~askodan/

Photo: Antibacterial activity of antibacterial peptide achromosin against Micrococcus luteus
Left: 10 μg of achromosin, Right: negative control