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Study of the Filamentous Morphology of Fungus during Growth.


Cordyceps militaris is an entomopathogenic fungus and infects silkworm pupae, followed by its fruiting formation. Its fruiting body has various bioactive compounds including cordycepin. In our laboratory, we found that the injection of its conidia into silkworm larvae facilitates its fruiting body formation. We try to analyze the behavior of C. militaris in the hemolymph and its cordycepin production in vivo. From these new insights, we also try to construct cordycepin-overproducing mutant.


1.Application of the Visualization of the Morphology of the Fungal Growth.


2.Visualization of the Core of the Pellet formed during Fungal Growth.


3.Study of the Morphological changes accompanied in the Fungus during Fermentation.



Laboratory of Biotechnology.
Green Chemistry Research Division, Research Institute of Green Science and Technology