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Reutilization of biomass resources.


 Nowadays, as population rapidly grows, many problems such as medical treatment, lack of food, shortage of resources and pollution of environment, have threatened our life.Biotechnology has an important role in wide-ranging aspects of our life. Also it has the ability to solve such problems from now on too.Fortunately, there is a lot of biomass, which haven’t been used to its utmost potential on the Earth. We should urgently and efficiently develop our technology to use such resources.


 (a) Production of Biodiesel from Waste Edible oil (Cooking Oil)


(b)Ashibya gossypii is being used to decomposes Waste oil and utilize it as a Carbon source for producing commercially valuable products such as Riboflavin.

    および植物油を炭素限とするAshbya gossypiの代謝工学的研究 

2. Reutilization of waste paper
(a)Development of Saccharification.
(b)L (+)- Lactic acid or gluconic acid production from Saccharificated solution of waste paper.


3. Reutilization of waste paper sludge as substrate of celluilase producer


Laboratory of Biotechnology.
Green Chemistry Research Division, Research Institute of Green Science and Technology