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Bombyx mori Biotechnology using Bacmid


 After post-genome period, study on expression of human origin genes has come under the light.  Although human genome project contributed to know the roles of many genes, functions of them have not yet been elucidated.Therefore, we have been studying production of proteins of human origin in either insect cells or Bombyx mori larvae; especially, about inserting genes and their effective expression.Details are followed.


1.Study on a large scale gene expression in Bombyx mori larvae using BmNPV bacmid


2. Expression of human (pro)renin receptor in silkworm larvae and pupa


3. The study about glycoprotein production in insect cells;

(a)Applications of chaperones in expression of glycoproteins in insect cells.

(b)Enhancement of the biological activity of glycoproteins expressed in insect cells.


4.Development of an Anti-body based assay for determination of baculoviral titers.

   抗DNA―binding proteinを用いた迅速なバキュロウイルスタイター測定法の開発   

(a)Visualization of Foreign proteins using Confocal Microscope.
(b)Study of expression of Standard protein like GFP and its effect on Cell cycle of Insect Cells.




Laboratory of Biotechnology.
Green Chemistry Research Division, Research Institute of Green Science and Technology